maestro glowThe Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Makeup Bi-Phase Elixir SPF 30 is in one word,  the tits. I don’t usually say that but in this case I’m going with it. I have been on a search for a foundation that gives me medium coverage and leaves me looking glowy and dewy. Maestro Glow does just that.

Comprised of pigment-saturated powders and skincare oils, once shaken the bottle creates a perfect blend of coverage and luminosity. I am glad that Giorgio Armani Beauty included the word “glow” in the title as I think it is the most apropos way of describing this base.  There is no obvious shimmer to the formula, however the subtle sheen creates an ethereal result that is infinitely flattering, even for those who may have a general aversion to radiant formulas. I never wear foundation because I hate the “veil” feeling that it creates. Neither oily nor slippery, this formula makes my skin look even, healthy and perfected while feeling comfortable for hours.

I get instant medium coverage from a single application–three drops applied and blended on the forehead, both cheeks and chin–and prefer to add a touch of concealer, rather than an increased amount of foundation, on areas of the face that may require reinforcements.  I have experimented with applying this with my fingers, brush, and a Beauty Blender and all three methods are effective for a seamless result.

The lasting power is impressive; when applied with a brush, I got 7 hours of touch up free wear time, which is exemplary for a luminous foundation.

All in all, I am dramatically impressed and abundantly pleased with the Maestro Glow formula; it is easy to apply, feels light and airy on the skin, blurs pores and fine lines, all the while offering a veil of weightless, skintone-evening perfection.  The wait for this brand new, medium-coverage, luxuriously-luminous Maestro foundation has been well worth it.

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MTIzNjEzMTg5ODI4ODcxNjk0My face is as soft as a baby’s butt. No, seriously. It is. I’ve been using a little-known lotion for a couple of months now; Biologique Recherche P50. It’s a cult fave among beauty editors and those “in the know”.

This stuff is so great that they don’t even need to advertise. It’s hard to find and can only be purchased in a few places in the U.S. called it “life-changing.” Facialists have told Vogue it’s “a miracle in a bottle.” And a few years back, Allure named Lotion P50 number one on their list of the best beauty products of all time. Celebrity fans include Madonna, Nicole Richie, Sharon Stone and Brad Pitt.

It’s not a lotion. And it’s not really a toner, although I suppose that’s the closest category you could place it in. It’s more of a hybrid, a clear liquid that exfoliates and balances all skin types. You’re meant to use it twice a day, after cleansing and before moisturizer and makeup.

A couple drops are all that’s needed, applied on a cotton pad. They say to start with a damp cotton pad and to rinse it off after application, but as your skin gets used to it, you can apply it with a dry pad and just leave it on your skin. You may get a “tingle” and some redness at first, but that should subside within a few minutes, and provided you’re using the right strength, stop happening altogether after a few days.

When you first open a bottle, you WILL notice the smell. It’s not unpleasant… but it’s definitely “unique.” The ingredients include witch hazel, lactic acid, salicylic acid, myrrh extract, sage extract… and onion extract. But rather than being stinky, I just find it a bit medicinal. You do get used to it over time. I use the P50 1970 version which contains phenol and smells exactly like Chloroseptic. My significant other is clearly thrilled by this.

What are the results? Well, let me summarize:

  • Acneic and oily skin: It kills off zits like nobody’s business. I would most definitely recommend it for anyone who suffers from annoying breakouts. It’s very possible that P50 could be the thing that keeps them under control. Some people even say it minimizes oil production and pore size.
  • Discolored and dull skin: I’ve personally noticed an additional benefit of those reddish/purplish post-acne pigmentation marks fading away much faster. Makes sense, since the product is speeding up the skin’s turnover. As a result, it’s just giving you that extra boost to make your skin look more bright and even-toned.
  • Dry or aging skin: P50 isn’t just an acne product. It’s fantastic for dry or mature skin types, too, because it sloughs off dead skin cells and gets a glowier, smoother texture going. That way, your skin absorbs more of what you put on next, therefore improving hydration. (Or the penetration of anti-aging topicals, if you use them.)

The Lotion P50 range consists of 6 different versions. There’s the Lotion P50, which is the full strength version, The P50V, a medium strength version and P50W, a mild version for mature, drier skin types. All 3 strengths are available in both the original formula and the newer, phenol-free formula.

I suggest emailing Rescue Spa and asking what version would be best for your skin type.

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a335215I’m no basic b*tch. I’ve never had a pumpkin spice latte and I never intend to. I don’t buy Michael Kors and I don’t wear pink on Wednesdays. When it comes to the whole autumnal ‘pumpkin in everything’ trend it’s not something I really get behind, so when I spotted the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask during my recent trip to Sephora it definitely wasn’t the name that caused me to pick it up. After spotting a few reviews of it in some magazines, I knew I need to give it a go and I’m so glad I did because it is really great.

This mask is perfect for those days you feel gross. When the city said eff you and decided to take a crap on your face (have I gone too far?) After the first use, my skin had a glow to it and was so smooth. Smooth like the 10-year-old me.

My first impression was that it smelled good enough to eat. Cinnamon-y and warm, like a pumpkin muffin. You’ll be tempted to, but please don’t taste the mask. I resisted and instead slathered on a dollop of the orange, slightly gritty textured gel and massage it on as instructed. At this point the Aluminium Oxide kicks in, doing its exfoliating thing. After a minute or so my skin started to feel warm. Instructions say to leave it on for 3 to 7 minutes but given that I am stubborn I decided to really go for it and left it on for 10. The Pumpkin Enzyme and AHA gets to work at sloughing away the dead skin cells; now I wouldn’t say it stung, but it was warming and a cool cloth coming at me after a few minutes was very much welcome. After rinsing it off there was a bit of redness but it subsided after a few minutes and it felt great.


I am all about this mask. Those pumpkin spiced lattes…not so much.

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