I’ve recently discovered the key to the perfect at-home manicure. CND Super Shiney, Stickey Base Coat, and Air Dry Top Coat.

Stickey helps the nail polish literally lasts for weeks now without chipping — we’re talking at least 10 days of chip-free, smooth, long-lasting polish. Not to mention that no matter how dark the polish is, your nails are never stained orange or yellow. Super Shiney adds the shine you need to make your manicure really look professional and pop. It also protects against fading and discoloration. The Air Dry Top Coat is what really sealed the deal for me. This top coat changed my life. I’ve always like doing manicures myself since I am too impatient to wait for the polish to dry. This top coat makes my work look professional. It dries super fast (2 minutes max!) and is very shiny (your nails look glossy and wet even though they’re dry).

All 3 products will cost you about $25 total but will save you in the long run. You can purchase them directly through CND.

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