Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

For me, when I find a go-to skincare product I will cherish it forever (see Biologique Recherche) One such product is Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II. You can call it ANR for short. ANR has been an Estée Lauder bestseller for years: with 25+ patents (and more pending), they’ve spent a great deal of time fine-tuning and researching the formula to make sure it does what it says. And trust me, it does.

While boosting cell turnover, ANR also evens out skin tone. Dark patches and sun spots are toned down and skin appears even all over. Plus, when you smooth the serum on (after cleansing, before moisturizer), you’ll feel hydrated and notice an instant glow.

A few drops are really all you need with each application, which means one bottle can last you months and months. If you’re not ready to take the leap, head to an Estée Lauder counter and ask for a sample. I can guarantee you’ll see results pretty quickly.

After a mere week of use, I felt that my skin was more supple and had a brightness that was lacking beforehand. The best way of explaining the results, because I have nothing very quantitative to measure, is to say that I look as though I’ve had a full 8+ hours of sleep and had just come back from a months long vacation. Now who doesn’t like that?

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