Jenny Packham Fall 2017 RTW

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Erin Featherston Fall 2017 RTW

Erin Fetherston took a trip around the world for fall, a trek through different cultures and inspirations that were then mixed and matched in a chic, feminine collection. Moroccan references echoed in the color palette with warm spice tones, such as saffron, paprika and turmeric, as well in rich prints that were reminiscent of opulent Indian fabric and shoes inspired by North African pointed slippers. These ingredients helped Fetherston create a charming wardrobe, filled with breezy maxidresses and tunics embellished with tassels that were paired with wide-leg pants for an international globetrotter. The abundance of charming ethnic details were balanced by more urban pieces, such as a relaxed velvet suit and a ribbed turtleneck sweater worn with knitted pants. Despite the lineup’s Seventies’ Bohemian attitude, Fetherston avoided any nostalgic feeling and managed to translate her inspirations into an elegant collection for modern women.

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Elie Saab: Spring 2017 Couture

Elie Saab conjured the bygone glamour of the golden age of Egyptian cinema, with the designer citing actress Faten Hamama — in a party scene from film “I Don’t Sleep,” starring opposite Omar Sharif — among inspirations.

The more elaborate gowns in his sparkling, red carpet-oriented collection included a sheer tulle gown with hazy pale blue and silver placement embroidery evoking boats on the river Nile and palm trees, with the silvery fronds of one tree peeking over the sweetheart neckline. Other highlights included a long-sleeved gown in tan satin peppered with deep blue “evil eye” motifs.

Oriental gold embroideries and geometric crystal formations — presented as a surprise feature on the back of a cape, say — were a nice update on the designer’s signature embellishments. Mini crystal tassels and draped chains of gold beads on the bibs of dresses added movement. This is what couture is meant to be.

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IGK Smoke and Mirrors

I won’t lie. I am a sucker for packaging just as long as the product is legit. IGK Smoke and Mirrors has both; excellent packaging and a wonderful product for curly, damaged or just generally unruly hair.

I am ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS skeptical of a cleansing oil or a 2-in-1. I’ve heard the Wen horror stories, nothankyou. But Smoke and Mirrors is different. It’s an extremely gentle, effective cleanser that sweeps away dirt while nourishing your scalp with a cocktail of coconut oil and powerful hydrators.

I’ve been going lighter and lighter with my locks and I am constantly looking for anything that won’t damage them. I was wearing my hair curly for a while and let me tell you, Smoke and Mirrors was an absolute dream come true for my curls. Bouncy, no frizz, shiny and just overall very healthy looking. For wearing my hair straight after my Keratin treatment, it’s great for every-other-day washes as it doesn’t strip my hair or damage it further. It untangles unruly knots and leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny.

I use about a quarter size amount and massage it into my scalp, like a shampoo. It doesn’t bubble or create any suds, it feel just like conditioner. It will feel like there isn’t enough product but it will all work out in the end. You can apply a little extra to the ends of your hair, if you feel like it needs a little more love. I like to leave the product on for a minute or two, then I rinse. As you rinse it, you will feel how smooth and silky your hair is! Your hair will look shinier and it feels clean! Even after towel drying, I don’t feel the need to apply a leave-in conditioner or any other conditioning product. This folks, is a miracle product.

You can purchase IGK products at Sephora.

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