Don’t Blow It

b&b dont blow itI constantly struggle trying to find the best hair products for my extremely unruly curly hair. Since I bleach it, I try to let it air dry to  cut down on extra damage by heat tools. Oils, mousses, lotions, gels and leave-in’s, I’ve tried them all and usually they leave me feeling frustrated.

I decided to throw caution and a couple bucks to the wind and buy Bumble and Bumble’s “Don’t Blow It”. It’s a smoothing and texturizing styling cream for air-drying all types hair. To truly test its capabilities I let it air dry in both low humidty and high humidity environments. In both cases it worked great.

The milky white cream melts to a liquid-y consistency when you rub it between your fingertips, making it easy to evenly run through hair without any goopy product deposits. Apply this stuff to towel-dried hair post-shower and hair remains soft and smooth, without a hint of coated stickiness, once dry. It has a subtle and pleasant clean scent. The lightweight styling cream manages to smooth all those pesky flyaways that typically frizz up when hair dries naturally, and it does so without weighing hair down and leaving it coated and stiff. If you have waves or curls, scrunch or twist hair after you apply the product, and you’ll be left with pretty, tousled texture that’s supersoft with zero stickiness.

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