The slick marketing of Glossier pulled me in. I’m not a stranger to the brand. I’ve purchased a few items from the skincare line about a year ago. Nothing impressed me as much as the Balm Dot Com did(hello smooth cuticles, elbows and lips)! So I decided to give their makeup a try.

I purchased the Stretch Concealer and Generation G lipstick in “Crush”.

Glossier claims they’re going for a “soft, popsicle-stain flush” with Generation G and it’s meant to have the pigmentation and comfort of a tinted balm with the look of a stain.

It’s true that the Generation G lipsticks have a flushed, stain-like look on the lips. Tinted balms don’t generally hydrate my lips, but good ones are practically imperceptible and non-drying. Generation G lipsticks are weightless when your lips are parted, every-so-slightly sticky when you press them together, and a tad bit drying.
glossier generation g
These lipsticks have a very pretty effect on the lips without being as cumbersome as most traditional liquid stains. It might sound weird, but they kind of “veil” the lips. The sheer stain effect means that, while these have totally average wear, they fade evenly. This finish means that all four shades look pretty good on most skintones…and because the folks at Glossier are no dummies when it comes to marketing, they’ve proven it on their product page.

The Stretch Concealer is the real star here. Light, buildable and flexible, it’s everything I look for in a concealer. Now, if you’re looking for something to hide scars, acne and melasma I suggest the NARS concealer.stretch concealer glossier

Glossier’s concealer is best to hide uneven skintone and dark circles. Application is simple: use your fingers to press and blend the concealer into the skin. It’s definitely pretty sheer at first, but that’s the point of buildable concealers. I found it incredibly soft and easy to blend, too, though not so easy as to slide all over my face like most liquid concealers.  It looks and feels natural, it brightens up my complexion and leaves me with a dewy finish. Nothing cakey or drying which is very important when it comes to concealer.

If you’re going to buy one thing from the Glossier makeup line, definitely make it be the concealer. You cannot go wrong and the price point is great.

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